Festoon Studios

Website & App UI design

User interface design

for your research based enterprise, whether it be new logo, mobile app or website design.


For websites, apps and digital projects, we partner with Octophin Digital. Octophin build websites, apps, games, interactive maps, campaign microsites, e-commerce & CRM systems and more. We have worked together on projects for ZSL, The Vitiligo Society, Wildlabs, Arts Admin and Chagos Conservation Trust.


DIMMAND is a digital solution for a digital health, dyslexia detection tool. We worked together to deliver a web based solution, digital health education accesibility tool and animation to launch their business with. We designed a visual identity with a digital health feel to pitch their project, and a creative design concept to appeal to young children who are the target users of the app. You can find out more about the project on the DIMMAND website: http://www.dimmand.co.uk.

Website design


IPad Digital Health Application - A word with the Whale.

We worked with DIMMAND to produce the visual concept for an engaging game interface to be used for their diagnostic tools.


Chagos Conservation Trust

User interface design for the Chagos Conservation Trust for Octophin Digital. The design is for an interactive visualisation on mobile and web to guide the user through the migration routes of The Red Headed Booby in the Chagos Islands.




Conceptual & Hypothetical projects

How to encourage a generation of Chef's to consider insects as an ingredient.

Heston's Entomophagy Inspired Chef's Dinner

Athens tourism

Rebranding Athens through a mobile app aimed at tourists.